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Best Price Guarantee

Environmental Policy

At the heart of our business philosophy lies a strong commitment to environmental and social resposibility, aimed at achieving sustainable tourism development in harmony with the natural environment. 

Emmantina Hotel is particulary sensitive towards environmental protection and in this context, has adopted certain actions aimed at energy and natural resourses saving. As part of its green policy strategic planning, the Hotel promotes its energy saving practices to the Guests with the purpose of being adopted by them during their stay.

Energy saving, water management,recycling of paper, glass,plastic,aluminum,recycling of batteries,electrical appliances and culinary oil are some of our every day actions.

Our hotel also participates in the “Soap For All” program.

This action aims to collect up partially used soap bars, disinfect and recycle them and then to produce new ones which are donated to social groups in need of assistance.
Please support our cause, and do not throw away your used soap.

As a guest of our Hotel you can do a lot to contribute to our environmental purpose. During your stay you may find our suggestions in your room. Βecome a part of our environmental philosophy!



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