Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee

Sauna & Massage


OIL SAUNA                                                                    30 MINS / 25 EURO

Ask our masseurs for a deep full body moisturizing with argan oil while enjoying your Sauna.


MUSCLE RELAXATION MASSSAGE                                   60 MINS / 50 EURO

Muscle relaxation massage is the ideal choice for physical and spiritual relaxation.


ATHLETIC MASSAGE                                                        60 MINS / 50 EURO

Is the best choice for athletes and for those involved in sporting activities. Deep muscle relaxation and recovery after injury. Not recommended for spiritual relaxation.


CELLULITE MASSAGE                                                    45 MINS / 50 EURO

Rapid and traditional massage combined with traditional suction cups which brings the best result for cellulite reduction. For better results combine with Sauna.


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